Reviews Backlog – so many products, so little time!

I recently went on a real shopping spree and as a result, ended up with a whole stack of packages arriving at around the same time. It’s a wonderful thing to come home to, but what with a tight schedule and my upcoming Taiwan trip, I just haven’t really had the time to dedicate to reviews and swatches. Here’s a sneak peek at all the damage that I’ve done.

What’s cute is that this is but a fraction of the goodies that I have lined up for their turns to be reviewed. There’s also some Darling Clandestine, Alkemia, Bubble & Geek, Lou Lou’s Soap and Scrubs and Black Violet waiting patiently in the wings. I guess I’m thankful for this backlog since it means that I’ll be kept busy until I’m able to officially sashay off my no-buy.


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