Cocoa Pink Customer Service Rave!

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So as I had mentioned in a blog post about my Cocoa Pink haul, I had a sensitive reaction to their Argan Therapy Creme conditioner. I wasn’t sure it was as simple as being sensitive to the scent (since it contained cinnamon) or if one of their ingredients was the culprit so I sent in a form on their website to see if they could help me in any way.

Within the same day, I received an apologetic email from Beverley even though it really was more of my fault for being an idiot and not doing a test patch. She really took the time to address my concern with the ingredients and agreed with me that it was most likely my choice of scent that caused the reaction. Apparently, the cinnamon oil content in that was pretty high. She was perfectly patient and sweet and at the end of everything, she said this:

“I don’t know if you planned or reordering from us anytime soon, but if you do I will credit you another Argan Conditioner. If you order, please write in the notes section what scent you would like to try it in and I will include it in a future order.

Again, I am really sorry this happened to you. Please feel free to contact me back with any other questions and be sure to mention the new bottle when you reorder and what scent you would like.


I already intended to make a second Cocoa Pink order since there were some items that I really adored, but I never expected this. I’ll say one thing, she really knows how to keep her customers! c: I’m thrilled to have a second shot at trying out the conditioner. For the short time that it was on my hair before I washed it off in a panic, it actually managed to make my tresses really soft and shiney. If it had been able to work to its full potential, I can’t imagine how awesome the results would be. And now, thanks to Beverley, I’ll have a chance to find out! I’m totally psyched and am in the process of plotting my second Cocoa Pink order at this very moment.


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