Conjure Oils – Nursery Rhymes & a Gingerbread House

I had a beautiful childhood. My mother was the one who ignited the bookworm in me and one of the first books I remember owning was this beautiful hardbound book of nursery rhymes. Long before I learned the alphabet, I would stare at the illustrations of little girls being chased by spiders and kitties getting rescued from wells. When I was a little older, I graduated from the world of Mother Goose into the happy land of the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Anderson. I guess there was always an undertone of menace and a scoop of didactic preaching, but as a child, I could find no wrong with my nursery rhymes and fairy tales. So when I discovered that Conjure Oils had an entire line of perfume oils inspired by nursery rhymes, I had to source down a bottle or two.

I chanced upon a sales thread and soon found myself the owner of Little Miss Muffet, All Around the Mulberry Bush and Hansel Und Gretel. So Hansel wasn’t exactly part of the Nursery Rhymes collection, but I couldn’t resist a fairytales blend. This is my very first experience with Conjure Oils and I must say that I’m pretty excited because I’ve heard some pretty great stuff about them.

Reviews are based on my initial impressions from a short test drive of the individual samples.

adorable label art!

Hansel Und Gretel

A gingerbread house decorated with spice drops and butter cream frosting. The faint smell of a witch’s brew filling the enchanted woods and roaring cook stove perfect for roasting a greedy little boy or girl.

  • First Sniff:
    Cinnamon and nutmeg with something creamy underneath.This smells exactly like a gingerbread house with a butter cream frosting.
  • Drydown:
    My skin tends to amp cinnamon like a thanksgiving candle, but the cinnamon here is creamy, molten and frankly, mouthwatering. I get a bit of pasty note out of this which reminds me so much of sitting down next to the Christmas tree with a mug of hot chocolate and pieces of gingerbread cookies. I’ve never really been a fan of spicey blends but I kinda like this one a lot. It’s gourmand, but not overbearingly so and I’d imagine that it would be perfect for the cooler months. I’m not sure if it’s my greed at play, but the scent somehow got more and more mouthwatering as the hours passed. Yummy!
  • Silage:
    This is an intimate little blend that wears itself pretty close to the skin. I do get wafts of it every time I move but unlike other spicey blends, it doesn’t screech cinnamon in a 4 foot radius around me. On a scale of 1 – 10, I’d say that this is between a 5 and 6.
  • Longevity: 
    This lasted for about 5 hours on me before fading away.
  • Would I wear this again?
    I don’t think I’ll reach for this very often; I like cinnamon but I’ve never really wanted to wear it as a perfume. Still, every time I’m missing Christmas, I know which blend to turn to.

Little Miss Muffet
Steel cut oats, Conjure Oils’ Apothecary Raw Honey, whole milk, succulent black raspberry and orange blossoms

  • First Sniff:
    Ooh, juicy citrusy berry! I’m guessing that it’s the orange blossoms playing tag with the raspberry. It’s a little bit piercing, and I’m not too sure that I like this, which is sad because I tend to love berry blends.
  • Drydown:
    Thankfully, as the scent grows, the sharpness of the opening is mellowed with a warm glaze of honey. This is my first time encountering Conjure Oil’s honey note and I really like it. It feels a little darker and smokier than the BPAL honey that I’ve grown accustomed to. I don’t actually get the milk and the oats as distinct notes, but I’d imagine that they are present since there is something which is really softening the blend. The honey gets increasingly dominant and adds this sultry edge to what I thought would be a little girl’s scent. This is a beautiful honeyed floral that I can’t imagine any little Miss Muffet running away from.
  • Silage
    Once again, this is something that your date would catch a whiff of, but the waiter probably wouldn’t (unless he had a nose as sharp as my puppy’s). On a scale of 1 to 10, this was about a 4 on me.
  • Longevity
    This pretty little blend lasted for about 4 and a half hours on me. I’ve come to the sad realization that my gluttonous skin tends to gobble up scents rather quickly.
  • Would I wear this again?
    Definitely, yes! I love honeyed florals and I just get such a kick out of its namesake. I kinda wish that there was something about the spider in this blend, maybe a warm, fuzzy tonka but I guess layering’s always an option!

All Around the Mulberry Bush
Juicy ripe mulberries, toasted rice and a trace of treacle warmed with fig and a light dusting of nutmeg and clove 

  • First Sniff:
    This reminds me a lot of a fruitcake. I’m definitely getting whiffs of clove and something fruity which I can’t really identify. For some reason, this strikes me as a foresty kind of scent; not one that smells like a forest per se, but one which might take place with a forest as its backdrop.
  • Drydown:
    I have to admit that I have no idea what treacle smells like. I’ve always read about it but our paths have never crossed. Also, although I’m well acquainted with most berries, I’ve never looked a mulberry in the eye. I’m getting a cacophony of warm spices and there’s a very light smokiness to the blend. There’s an underlying sweetness beneath the spice and I’m going to take that as the mulberry. It’s not a bright, slightly tart sweetness like what you’d get from a raspberry; it’s muted and darker. I’d say that the fruitiness in this blend is more like that of dried or stewed fruits rather than fresh ones. This is a pretty evocative and warm scent. It makes me feel like someone’s draped a fuzzy blanket around me.
  • Silage:
    This has a similar throw to Little Miss Muffet, so a 4 on a scale of 1 – 10.
  • Longevity
    This lasted for about 4 and a half hours on me.
  • Would I wear this again? 
    Probably not. I did enjoy it, but like Hansel, it’s not really within my scent profile. I tend to prefer brighter and sweeter blends especially in the summer.

Although I wouldn’t wear 2 out of the 3 blends I tried on a regular basis, it’s mostly a matter of self-preference. All three scents were very well blended and if I had picked one with notes that I actually like, I believe I would have scored. As it is, I’ve got Curly Locks (Raw sugar and vanilla bourbon extract are whipped into sweet cream clouds and served on fresh strawberry-filled tarts) high up  my wishlist.

Conjure Oils‘ Nursery Rhyme collection is available at $19 for a 5ml bottle or $20 for a roll-on bottle. Unfortunately, Hansel Und Gretel was a limited edition blend which is currently sold out on the site. International Shipping is a very reasonable $8 for orders below $100. Free shipping (First Class) is available for orders which exceed $100.


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