Genesis (or how it all began)

I am a girl with a mission. At random moments on random days, I sometimes find my mind idling and all of a sudden, I find myself faced with a question that I have to answer:

  • What is the perfect vanilla scent? Does it exist?
  • Is there a candy blend to end all candy blends for me?
  • What lip balm is capable of turning my lips into the perfect aphrodisiac?

These may sound like simple questions, but once my curiosity is tickled, I just have to know. Of course, the fun is that these questions keep on coming and my wishlist gets longer by the hour.

Let’s face it. I’m a greedy, self-indulgent girl who has recently taken to hoarding indie shinies like the proverbial magpie. Since I have a touch of a short-term memory, I decided that I needed a place to record my various forays . So I created this little blog. And I guess it would be cool if someone out there got some benefit out of my experiences, but since I’m new to the whole reviewing scene, let’s just take this one step at a time. From time to time, the boyfriend may make special appearances to get his two cents worth in. It will be hilarious, I promise.

Oh, and just one more thing.

Minkish (adjective) – a self-coined term suggesting the greatest sense of frivolity, mirth & delight.

This term expresses the feelings I get when I chance upon something so perfect that I have to use a made-up word to express myself. Given the nature of this blog, I thought it was appropriate! ♥





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