Blooddrop Perfumes – Horses of the Carousel & Whinnies

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I used to think I was the kind of girl who wanted to live in a candy store or a bakery.  During my innocent years (quite some time ago), I was convinced that there was kind of residual fairytale magic hiding behind whiffs of spun sugar and caramel dips. My main agenda though is to smell as sweet and enticing as one of those buttercream cakes so as to charm the sweet tooth out of those around me. Anyhow, since I realized this little scent fetish of mine, I set forth on a quest to discover the perfect sugary perfume – one that sparkles like edible glitter but retains a certain edge to keep it from getting too cloying.

My first foray into Blooddrop Perfumes was based on this agenda. Astrid’s Horses of the Carousel and Easter Whinnies collections went right up the gourmand lane and I knew I had to pick out some samples. Happily, I got my paws on these decants through Ajevie’s April circle and was literally hopping like a bunny when the package arrived.

Reviews are based on my initial impressions from a short test drive of the individual samples.

Horses of the Carousel

Lyrical Horse
pink vanilla cupcake with raspberry jam filling and raspberry meringue frosting

Out of all the horses, I was looking forward to this one the most so I was pretty disappointed that I found this underwhelming. The raspberry hit me hard on the nose at first sniff and it was very sweet. I adore candy scents, but this brought to mind an unpleasant memory of a raspberry flavored cough syrup I used to detest. I don’t get any of the vanilla cupcake, which is pity, because I think that might have tempered the raspberry into submission. It does eventually tone itself down to a somewhat generic berry candy scent, but I have tons of candy perfume so. I’m wearing my sad face right now.

I will give this a second spin because I just adore the scent description and am usually quite fond of berries. I just want this to work.

ETA: I did give this a second chance, but sorrowfully enough, it’s all generic berry sweetness without much depth on me. I am devastated.

Velvet Horse
chocolate and coconut cupcake with chocolate cream cheese filling and chocolate frosting decorated with red and purple sugar rose petals

Coconut Chocolate in a vial! The coconut actually adds this milky tropical breeze to the blend which makes this less of a hardcore gourmand. I can picture non-gourmand lovers actually liking this scent. There’s a lovely light cheesecake flavor underlying the scent but unlike other cake blends, it’s very subtle. I really really like this. It reminds me a little of BPAL’s Bliss, but I actually find this more wearable as a perfume. I think it could be lovely for layering as well.

Aurous Horse
vanilla bean cupcake with vanilla frosting covered in yellow and white daisy sugar flowers and edible gold stars

Huh. I was expecting a rich and milky vanilla cupcake topped with buttercream frosting based on the scent description. In the vial, I smell something that reminds me of candied pineapple slices which made me rather perplexed since it’s not listed as one of the notes. Perhaps it’s the sugared daisies, in any case, the scent I got was yellow and candy sweet. I’m not picking up any vanilla. On my skin, the scent mysteriously… disappears. I’m not sure what kind of wonky body chemistry this is, but apart from the faintest whisper of vanilla when I smoosh my nose against my inner elbow, I smell nothing.

I’m more bamboozled than anything else. I’m going to chalk this down to bad chemistry and will give it a whirl again another day together with Lyrical Horse.

Mountain Horse
dense, thick chocolate cupcake with a chocolate pudding center and dark chocolate glazed top.

Based on the description, I was expecting a really rich, decadent and sexy chocolate blend that smells like the brownie batter I sometimes lick off the side of the bowl when I think no one’s watching. This is quite a different take from the chocolate in Velvet Horse. While that chocolate was softer, this one is full-bodied and makes no apologies about that. Like the other blends so far, this is surprisingly more subtle on the skin. There are times when I get an unwelcome whiff of something that reminds me of nail varnish, but thankfully, it passes as quickly as it comes. This is more chocolate perfume than a chocolate out of the bowl kind of scent. Not a winner for me,

The Glitter Horse
vanilla fruit candy, a touch of mint leaf and old-fashioned stick rock sugar candy.

Oh yummy yum yum! This is a delicious fruit candy scent that is kept in check from becoming too silly by a very refreshing puff of mint. This blend actually has the strongest throw by a mile out of all the other Carousel scents and I’m really liking this. I can envision a bowl of hard fruit flavored candy with peppermint balls rolled in for fun. There are also moments when it reminds me of peppermint bubble tea with fruity tapioca pearls. Absolutely delicious and despite its sweetness, it is not cloying at all. It’s a really fun scent, I actually adore this.

The Giant Horse
bold, mocha cupcake with mocha frosting

Mmm mocha! This actually reminds me of a slice of mocha cheesecake that I had at a local bakery. It’s more mocha cupcake than freshly brewed mocha, that’s for sure. I actually wish it could be more coffee than it actually is. The cake is stronger in this blend and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. I guess it’s safe to say that I like this, but I don’t love it. I might wear it out for an afternoon tea session with the girls, but other than that, I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this that often.

The Twisted Horse
fried dough, churro-like cupcake made with a vanilla and cinnamon sugar spiced batter.

Let me preface this by expressing my undying love for churros. I love churros. Churros make me happy. It brings back memories of carnivals, circuses and disneyworld vacations. If I can find a churro scent in a bottle, it’d make my day. Okay, now on to the scent.

Cinnamon sugar. Yes, it’s cinnamon sugar on my skin. Like Giant and Glitter horse, this blend has pretty decent silage. In fact, I think this has the strongest throw of the horses. If you’re looking for a sugar and spice kind of cinnamon scent, you will love this. It’s a warm, festive scent and it’s a very pure cinnamon, nothing at all like a candle or potpourri. Unfortunately, I’m not getting enough of the pastry aspect that makes a churro smell like a churro. I’m a little sad that it’s not the churro scent that I was hoping it would be, but I like this in a different way.



Whinnies No. 2

Marshmallow with vanilla mango sorbet, dusted with nutmeg.

Yummilicious! This smells like a delicious little mango dessert platter. This is a gorgeous little mango marshmallow and there’s this lovely creaminess going on that makes me want to nom my wrist. I don’t catch the nutmeg, but I’m sure it’s doing its little magic thing in the background. This blend is so frothy, youthful and playful that it almost makes me a little giggly. Absolutely lovely.

Whinnies No. 5
Marshmallow with coconut milk, guava, and monoi tiare.

Aloha! This is probably as tropical as a marshmallow can get. Stunning silage, the guava is really playful in this one and is doing a hula dance around me. I get more of a creaminess from the coconut milk than the actual smell of coconut itself. I wish the coconut came out a bit more, because I love coconut and that would have made this stunning. As it is, I love this summery vanilla fruity blend. It makes me want to hit the gym hard so that I can accessorize it with a itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini.

Whinnies No. 8
Marshmallow with ripe watermelon, bergamot, and white cognac.

This is another wonderful fruity marshmallow blend. The strongest note that I can identify is the watermelon. Thanks to the white cognac, there is a very slight underlying layer of booze making this blend reminiscent of a fun, girly cocktail to be sipped by the pool. The bergamot is subtle, but it’s there and playing nicely with the watermelon. I love how this scent grows as it warms up on your skin. I know it was created in the spring, but I know I’ll be wearing it all through the summer in a pretty sun dress.

I’m so glad that I managed to end my Blooddrop review on a high note. Both collections are beautifully thought out and although there were some that fell flat for me due to my horrid skin chemistry (I’m looking at you, Lyrical and Aurous), there were some hits that blew me away. I’m not sure if I’ll be upgrading any of them to a big bottle at the moment because there is just *so much* perfume that I want, but I’ll definitely be treasuring my samples.


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